Obamanoids... Why so serious???

Monday, August 10, 2009 at 11:52 PM

For the record I don't support either of the two system controlled American political parties (Republican/Democrat) and if you know me at all you are probably already aware of this. However, I am far more worried about what we face with this democrat president simply because of the amount of deception in regards to his policies and political ambitions.

I think it's clear that this "progressive" president is definitely looking for CHANGE, but not the kind of change I'd like to see. Change like... ending the Federal Reserve. Change like... restoring the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. Change like... real liberty.

Liberals far and wide are like Chatty Cathy dolls when it comes to either criticizing or parodying Obama — they uniformly assert racism is at work. Of course, one of the reasons our rulers selected Obama is because they want to disarm all criticism by playing the race card. In our politically correct and brainwashed society, any allusion to racism immediately destroys an argument — no matter how reasoned or logical.